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Custom Workshops

Art About You offers customized wellness art therapy workshops to non-profit/community organizations and businesses.

Community and Non-Profit Organizations

I will collaborate with your organization to provide customized art and wellness workshops or groups. These programs are designed to fit your groups’ needs and are conducted in small group sessions. Programs can be one time or over a series of weeks, and meet at an Art About You studio location or at your program site.


Employee Wellness

Making time for employee wellness has never been more crucial.  Art About You can partner with your Treasure Valley business to provide art and wellness workshops to facilitate self-expression, personal development, communication, team building, and conflict resolution. Workshops are typically held at your business site and can be one time or over a series of weeks.

Students and Supervision

If you are a student pursuing a master’s in counseling or a related field that requires your participation in group therapy, I can create a custom group for you and your fellow students. I can also put together an art therapy based group supervision class that allows you to develop insight into your identity as a clinician through art. 

Private Groups

Do you have a group of people, like your family, friends, or co-workers, that you would like to create a private group for? I can put together a custom art and wellness workshop for your group on a date and time that works for you!


For more information, contact me and we can create a program specifically for your organization or business!

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